International Symposia on Fish Parasites

International Committee


The Committee:

Chairman: Toni Raga - Spain (replacing Marcelo Oliva - Chile)

Tom Cribb - Australia (Local Chairman for ISF10)
Linda Basson - South Africa (replacing Nico Smit)
Milan Gelnar - Czech Republic (replacing Tomás Scholz)
Monica Caffara - Italy (replacing Simonetta Mattiucci)
Barbara Nowak - Australia (replacing Ian Whittington)
Isaure De Buron-Connors - USA
Hiroshi Yokoyama - Japan
Juan Timi - Argentina
Arne Levsen - Norway


The function of the ISFP Committee is to choose and monitor future ISFP meetings.

The next meeting (ISFP9) will take place in Brisbane, Australia in 2019.


The 2015 Committe Report at ISFP9 (chaired by Marcelo Oliva)

Previous Committe Report at ISFP8 (chaired by Simonetta Mattiucci)

The Full Committee Report (ISFP 8 - 2011) (PDF format)

Recommendations for Future Meetings and Committees

Abstracts of Presentations at ISFP9 in Spain, 2015 (PDF format - 7MB)

Abstracts of Presentations at ISFP8 in Chile, 2011 (PDF format - 2MB)

A Brief History of the ISFP Meetings (2011) (PDF format - 50 kB)

International Ichthyoparasitological Parasitology Newsletter

Fish Parasitologist of the Month



David Gibson - 2015