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Report of the Previous Committee

(Chaired by Simonetta Mattiucci)

International Committee
VIII International Symposium on Fish Parasites
Viña del Mar, Chile
26-30 September, 2011

Simonetta Mattiucci - Chair (Present on-line)
Marcelo Oliva - Local Chairman - Chile-
Cláudia Portes Santos - representative of South America-
Nico Smit - representative of Africa -
Tomás Scholz - representative of Eastern Europe
Kurt Buchmann - representative of Scandinavia

Representatives who were not able to attend the meeting:
Kirsten Jensen - representative of North America -
Tomoyoshi Yoshinaga - representative of Asia -
Ian Whittington - representative of Australia

Two countries presented bids for the next meeting (ISFP IX, September/October, 2015).
These were:

Spain - University of Valencia (Francisco Montero/Toni Raga)

Germany - Goethe University, Frankfurt (Sven Klimpel).

A third presentation, a bid for ISFP X, was given by Isaure de Buron, College of Charleston, Charleston, USA.

In order to better evaluate these bids for the next Symposium, and to have a more broad-based discussion, the International Committee invited two former chairmen and the future representative from Japan to attend the meeting. These were:

Kazuo Ogawa -
Jo van As - and
H. Yokoyama -

In their deliberation, the Committee evaluated several aspects of each bid, such as the locality, infrastructure, likelihood of financial support, local research group field, accessibility to students, visa requirements and potential prices, among others.
After taking these criteria into account, the following votes were cast:

Marcelo Oliva (Spain), Cláudia Portes Santos (Spain), Nico Smit (Spain), Tomás Scholz (Spain), Kurt Buchmann (Spain), Kazuo Ogawa (Spain) and Jo van As (Spain).

Therefore, Spain was chosen by a unanimous decision, with Germany, which had already hosted a previous successful ISFP Symposium in Munich, remaining as a reserve option.

The Committee for IX ISFP in Spain 2015 will be:

Marcelo Oliva - Committee Chairman
Toni Raga - Local Chairman
Ian Whittington - Australia
Simonetta Mattiucci - Italy
Nico Smit - South Africa
Tomás Scholz - Czech Republic
H. Yokoyama - Asia (replacing T. Yoshinaga)
Juan Timi - Argentina - (replacing Cláudia Portes Santos)
Arne Levsen - Norway - (replacing Kurt Buchmann)

David Gibson - 2012