International Symposia on Fish Parasites

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Recommendations for the future


Suggestions for future ISFP meetings made by the previous committee
(Chairman: Simonetta Mattiucci)

To follow the 'spirit' of previous ISFP Symposia, which have been aimed at making attendance possible for many scientists from a wide range of countries to present their work, spend time together, share ideas, discuss projects and plan future research collaborations;

With this in mind, the central idea of the Symposium should be simple, well organised, friendly, relaxed, welcoming to students and yet to maintain a high scientific standard;

If possible, try to find a location where delegates could remain together, at least during lunch and coffee breaks;

The Registration fee of the Symposium should be as inexpensive as possible in order to enable the attendance of as many delegates as possible; The registration fee should, as much as possible, cover the expenses relating to the Symposium, including, if funds permit, the social dinner or at least a part of it (if the cost is high, many delegates and especially students do not participate);

The Chairman of the International Committee should contact the Local Organiser in advance (2 years) of the next meeting, so that preparations can be followed;

Information on the progress of preparations for the next Symposium should be available to the Committee;

The programme of the Symposium (including scheduled times of the sessions) should be available on-line at least one month before the Symposium;

A printed version of the Book of Abstracts should be available for participants and should include a list of participants, with their full name, address and e-mail.

There should be a programme for accompanying persons, and some cultural activities for the participants during the meeting;

An official group photograph of the participants should be scheduled;

Adjudicators for the students' prizes - oral and poster presentations - should be organized in advance of the meeting;

Symposium T-shirts should be available for sale or included in the conference bag;

Representatives of countries making bids to host the next ISFP Symposium must make their case during the meeting by giving a short presentation - time needs to be scheduled for this;

The decision on the location of the next Symposium is to be made by the Committee and not by public vote;

During the closing session of the Symposium, the location of the next Symposium and the membership of the next ISFP International Committee should be formally announced to all the Participants.


Suggestions for future committees and chairmen (by David Gibson - Chairman of the first committee)

The Committee

Future members should be chosen by recommendation and agreement by the Committee.

The composition of the Committee should reflect the international nature of the Symposium.

Members should be persons with experience of previous Symposia and likely to attend the next meeting.

Members should be replaced after serving for two terms.

The Committee Chairman

The Chairman should preferably be a person with experience of being a member of the Committee.

The next Chairman should be chosen by the members of the current Committee.

He/She should be a person almost certain to attend the next Symposium. He/She should have enough influence and determination to step in and reorganise if preparations for the next symposium look like failing (this has happened twice during the history of these Symposia).

The role of Chairman is an active and not an honorary one.

The Chairman should actively contact the Organiser of the next Symposium on a regular basis to check that preparations are progressing satisfactorily.

The Chairman should be available to open or close the Symposium, to thank the Local Organiser and to pass on any Committee related matters, if requested to do so by the Organiser.



David Gibson - 2012